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The Adventures of Tintin (2011) - HD 1080p

Rating: 7

Having purchased a model ship, the Unicorn, for a pound a trading desk Tintin is initially puzzled that the sinister Mr. Sakharine so eager to buy it from him, resorting to murder and kidnapping Tintin - comes with his marvelous dog Snowy - to join him and his gang as they sail to Morocco on an old cargo ship. Sakharine has bribed the crew rebel against the ship's master, Captain Haddock drunk, but Tintin, Snowy and Haddock escape, to Morocco at the court of a sheikh, who is also a model of the Unicorn. Haddock for Tintin that more than three hundred years ago Sir Francis Haddock his ancestor was forced to scuttle the original Unicorn when attacked by a pirate ancestors of Sakharine but he managed to save his treasure and offer slim clues to its location in three separate rolls, all of which are secreted in the model of the unicorn. Tintin and Sakharine ...