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Lockout (2012) - HD 1080p

Rating: 6

In 2079, in Washington, the former CIA Operative Snow was brutally interrogated, accused of treason against the United States. The director of the Secret Service Langral Scott believes he was fired agent Frank in a hotel room. Meanwhile, the daughter of the president of the American ideal, Emilie Warnock, was visiting the MS One, a maximum security prison in outer space expected to find evidence that the prisoner really the guinea pigs a large corporation. When one of her bodyguards took a pistol hidden for dangerous prisoners Hydell, he beat the staff in the central control room and freed the prisoners, including older brother Alex, who became leaders of the riots. Now the veteran agent Harry Shaw offers free Snow if he managed to rescue the president's daughter. But Emilie idealist not want to leave MS-One without the hostages.