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Contraband (2012) - HD 1080p

Rating: 6.5

Chris Faraday each animal smuggling illegal or smuggled into the country on transport ships. He left that life behind, was married with a family and go VN. But when his brother-in-law he was involved with Briggs, a drug dealer, and when he blows a deal, Briggs claims that he has the't provided. So, Chris offers to find a way to pay him but he threatened to strike if he khong't Chris'gia provided. So he was on a ship for Panama and he set out to bring some counterfeit money. Briggs \\ u0026quot; go to the \\ u0026quot; Chris'gia family. When Chris learned of this he asked his friend Sebastian to take care of them that you do. He tells Chris that it would be better to bring drugs instead of cash.